Benefits of using a Broker

There are many benefits of using a specialist Broker like us, here are just a few.

  • Credit Limit Appeals

    Sometimes an insurer may not agree to cover a buyer make an amendment to an already-issued credit limit. When this happens, having access to the underwriters is crucial to find out why and, more importantly, how to get the full cover in place going forward. We always challenge refused or partially agreed decisions on your behalf.

  • Claims Submissions

    When submitting a Credit Insurance claim it is important to provide the correct information in the required format in order for it to be promptly reviewed. Whether it is an Insolvency claim or a Protracted Default claim, we always advise what information is required and ensure it is correctly presented to the insurer. This speeds up the claims process and enable the insurer to settle claim quickly.

  • Renewal Negotiations

    The annual renewal process can be costly and time consuming if a Broker isn’t involved. Not all insurers will deal with companies without a Broker so dealing direct with just a few will mean missing out on what other insurers can offer. Credit limits differ from each insurer as do policy structures and premiums.

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